As a kid in 1976, I remember getting the record single of the Gordon Lightfoot song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." It was one of those records that I practically wore the needle through. It was also a nice reprieve for my parents. The constant sounds of KISS "ALIVE" had filled the air everyday from the previous Christmas.

An article in Newsweek titled "November: The Cruelest Month" prompted Lightfoot to write, compose and record the song. It was released in August of 1976 and had hit #1 on his native Canadian charts and later rose to #2 on the American singles charts.

Many questions remain as to what really caused the ship to sink. Was it gross overloading of iron ore? Or maybe even a group of waves know as the "three sisters." Whatever the reason, the memory of those lost along with their ship will forever be ingrained in the fabric of Michigan lore and we will probably never know the real reason. As we remember the 29 today, November 10, 1975 should never be forgotten.



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