I have lived in Michigan my entire life, so some of these have been done long ago. The Detroit Free Press has 50 things you need to add to your Michigan bucket list of things to do. Click here to check out the article. 

Kayaking up north is a must. I used to like canoeing but the one person kayak doesn't go over nearly as much. It turns out, the less drunk people you have in a boat, the LESS likely it is to turn over. Tubing is also a must. Spending 4 hours floating down a river getting drunk and sunburnt... Then pissing off your friends and wife... That's Pure Michigan.

The other thing I highly suggest, is hiking the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. It's very symbolic and the only way to call yourself a real Michigander, is to finish the walk. It is magnificent desolation. A true vision quest. Take lots of water. More than half the people who start never finish.

The Buckley Steam Engine Show is also one of my favorite things to do in Michigan. Also, going to Frankfort every year is something I look forward to. THe beach of Frankfort was made for picture taking. Plus, you HAVE to go home with some fudge. They can call me a "lakey," a "fudgie," or a "troll" but I am Michigan. Love this place!

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