January 17, 2005, I did my first on-air shift as the afternoon dude at 94.9 WMMQ. Today is my 9 year anniversary being on this same awesome station.  I am very proud to still be a part of Lansing radio. The pictures begin from when I was a baby and go all the way up until today.

My radio career began with me interning at 94.9.  In 2002, I filled in as the producer on the morning show.  The night before the morning show, I had watched the Sopranos. It was the episode where Tony killed "Ralph Cifaretto". "Ralph" was played by Joe Pantoliano. The next morning on the show, I did a reenactment of that scene on the air. After my spectacular performance, Deb called me Joey Pants. I didn't like it until I heard the ladies saying it. Once I heard some ladies call me "Pants", I was o.k with it.

In September of 2011, I was teamed with the same Deb Hart. I jumped at the opportunity to work with Deb, and I am very lucky to be able to work with such an awesome friend. Many have come and gone in the last 9 years, and I have been privileged to work with many professionals. It is an absolute honor to do what I do. I used to REALLY work and don't miss it. Along the way, I was helped out by many people who I will never forget.  Some of the people who aided my career have passed on, and I try to make them proud. Thank you for listening.