The "Motor City" has and continues to get a bad rap for many years. The beautiful houses, abandoned since the riots of the 1960's. But one thing that brings people of all walks together is the river. The Detroit River is a mecca for spring anglers because of the walleye run. Millions of walleye travelling to their spawning grounds in Lake Erie during the first few weeks of April. Boats huddled together, vertical jigging in hopes of getting a few for the frying pan. Others lining the available shores, running a tight line to the bottom, hoping for the same.

Sara Marie holding her first ever walleye that she caught on Saturday.

While fishing, it's not uncommon to be passed by on oncoming ship in the channel. The 1,000 foot behemoths, chug by silently as they make their way past hundreds of fishing boats in search of "Michigan gold."

A big freighter, silently makes it's way towards open water on the Detroit River.


Another look at a sleeping Detroit, ready to be awakened by the bustle of cars and the sound of boats, motoring up and down the river.