According to reports this week from the Lansing State Journal, a new political disagreement is brewing within the walls of Lansing City Hall. City Council members are still searching for answers regarding the reported contract buyout of former Lansing City Attorney Janene McIntyre. And, the council has been waging war with Mayor Virg Bernero and the City Attorney's office.

And, apparently, LSJ has been seeking the same through Freedom of Information Act requests. As reported by the paper today, the city has missed those deadlines. What's interesting in this particular report is that the City Attorney's Office, who, ironically, handles FOIA requests for the city, told the State Journal that it would cost them more than $500 to obtain the requested documents, citing attorney's fees for document reviews. The City Council, however, drastically lowered that amount to to under $40.

Earlier in the week, LSJ reported about a citizen's' complaint to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development stemming from a City Council vote that rejected a low-income housing development in Lansing's Old Town. The complaint, lodged by a private citizen, came on the heels of Mayor Bernero issuing a press release criticizing City Council for rejecting the plan. The craziness of this LSJ report is the verbiage that was reportedly used by Bernero in the release. He names the four council members who voted against the development proposal. Among those four are City Council President Judi Browne Clarke and longtime council member Carol Wood, who, according to Bernero's release, feel that low-income people do not deserve to live in the high-falutin' Old Town District, a violation of anti-discrimination laws, hence the citizen's complaint.

The council members attacked say it is simply a smokescreen from Bernero to distract public eye from the buyout situation. Guess what, folks! Once this all shakes free into transparency, we will have the final say of the final chapter at the voting booths..out with the same old $#!t, in with some fresh and innovative ideas.