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I saw a story today at that made me puke in my mouth got me thinking a bit. Chicks dig hairy pits these days...on them! It's becoming a statement for women to grow underarm hair. I don't want to come across as a pervert chauvinist, but ladies, you can roar without growing a maneI don't quite understand why you would grow body hair under your arms to make a point. I feel that discrimination based on sex is a problem that needs to be addressed. But from a guy's perspective, I offer a couple of reasons why this is a bad idea.

Physically, I can find something bangable beautiful about every woman, I have no standards am not a shallow guy. But, armpit bush underarm hair is not one of them. After all, body hair is an equal opportunity offender. Hairy guys are just as ugly unappealing as the former West German Swim Team women with excessive body hair. I don't care how nice you are, nappy pits are a deal-breaker. Natural beauty, inside and out, is something to admire, but men and women both have an expectation in society to conform to proper grooming standards...for a reason understandably so.

Then, there's a hygiene issue to discuss. There ain't no Powder Fresh Dove that's gonna mask that stench. Hairy underarms promote offensive odor if not treated properly...especially in the warm months of summer. I know how bad it can get downstairs and that stank has no business climbing the stairs. Keep that a secret until I pay your tab, at least...I might be drunk enough by then. It's commonplace for women, including strong-willed individuals, to go out of their way with bath, body, and other products so as to not offend those around them. Not getting laid is a high price to pay for being a martyr, and I bet you won't make more money anytime soon with a sleeve-mandatory wardrobe. It seems self-defeating to sacrifice personal hygiene in an already unbalanced society just to prove a point that should be common sense to begin with.

Son of a bitch...I just convinced myself to shave MY pits tonight!

Ladies, keep fighting the right fight, but not at your own added challenge!