I am ready for golf season! I had to sit out last year after I severely injured my knee cutting wood. Crazy enough, my Uncle Dusty just hurt himself cutting wood. I didn't cut myself but was foolishly cutting alone and narrowly avoided catastrophe, like my lucky Uncle.

Courtesy of Dusty Unruh

It's comforting to know I am not the only accident prone soul in our family.

I have been golfing since I was 18. For years I played with a buddy and we traveled the entire state hitting golf courses. The nicest place I have ever played was Arcadia Bluffs. When we went to Arcadia, we took a friend Tim Van Houten, a former Lansing radio personality. Arcadia is WAY up north. As soon as we walked in, Tim recognized the golf pro and we got to play at an extreme discount. We had our picture taken on a tee box overlooking Lake Michigan. That was the last round we ever played together. Within a year, Tim got cancer and tragically passed away. Around the same time the tee box we had our picture taken on at Arcadia fell into Lake Michigan and hasn't been replaced. It is my fondest golfing memory. Tim had a joke for every hole.

Pulled from the Pants stash

So, tonight at the Wheatfield Valley Golf Club in Williamston, I tee up my second golf season. I am unsure who my partner is but expect a rough night having not played much.

Golf is almost a religious experience for me. I get pretty quiet on the course (crazy, I know) unless I can get somebody to laugh themselves out of their comfort zone. I use laughter as gamesmanship to try and knock someone off their game. I always feel like my former golfing buddies are with me. Tim and another friend Ryan Reed, who also passed from cancer. No matter what kind of round I shoot, I am winning because I am playing and honoring the memories of the great times we had.

We have some great courses in Michigan and the Lansing area. Where do you prefer to play? Or, where do you play the best at? May the golf gods shine down on us all.

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