Being married for over 15 years, I have been given license by the wife to "go out and look at the spices as long as I come home to do the cooking."

One of the spices I like is going on the internet to look at pretty ladies. I can see nude pics all over the internet but I like there to be something left for my imagination. My perversion has limits.

My buddies love They have the app on their phones and peek at pics all day whenever inspiration is required. It is a good site but still you don't want your female co-worker busting you ogling the strange on the computer screen.

I stumbled on to a new one today. Click here to check out I was about 10 clicks in before I decided I needed to work today. The really cool option for ladies at is you can switch it to the male version. (I didn't click it to see if it worked.)

Another great sight for eye candy is

If you're just into Kate Upton and haven't seen the wet t-shirt video, click here.

Speaking of eye candy, today is Lynda Carter's 63 birthday today. She was so hot it has been impossible to replace her as Wonder Woman.

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