I'll bet I have given away at least 10 thousand WMMQ bumber stickers since I have been here. I have probably seen about 200 on cars and about 500 in people's homes, offices, garages and work shops. I always love to see the innovative ways people incorporate them into their areas.

This weekend, we were camping and discovered we had forgotten our chip clip. In a fit of searching through the car for options to preserve the delicious Better Made Classic Dark chips, I found a WMMQ bumper sticker. Problem solved. I used the sticker to hold a seal in place and enjoyed my scrumptious chips all weekend. They still have not gone stale.

My favorite Better Made's are the Sweet BBQ but this weekend we both agreed on the Classic Dark chips and were not disappointed.

Courtesy of the Pants Munchie Stash

Better Made has the Made In Michigan seal on it at the top of the bag. They have been making an awesome Michigan product for over 80 years. I have been a fan for about 20 of them.

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