As reported by, Oscoda County has seen its second historic landmark burn to the ground in just seven months. The 128-year-old Oscoda County Courthouse in Mio was completely destroyed by a Wednesday night fire that reportedly started around 7:30pm. The fire is believed to have started in the attic of the courthouse. The building was not occupied at the time and no injuries to civilians or fire officials were reported. Officials say that the walls of the courthouse are still standing, but the building is a complete loss.

Back in October 2015, a longtime feeding trough and watering hole for hunters, snowmobilers, and O.R.V. enthusiasts also was completely destroyed by a devastating fire just eight miles west of Downtown Mio. Ma Deeter's in Luzerne burned down after 94 years of serving food and drinks to locals, who claim that it was the largest log cabin used as a business this side of the Mississippi River. According to Ma Deeter's Facebook page, the owners are completely rebuilding the bar and restaurant. And, work seems to be progressing nicely. They appear to be rebuilding with the classic northern cabin look. But, gone are the days of the two-story cabin of legends.