I remember a few months ago in Detroit, a man was watching porn and killed himself while pleasuring himself while driving. They found that dude with his Pants off and he was ejected from the vehicle. At least he died doing what he loved?

Distracted driving was around LONG before cell phones. I have seen people reading the paper, reading a book, driving with their knee while they were searching through the backseat. One of them I may be guilty of.

These are some crazy Michigan related distracted driving stories. Shaving legs, doing makeup and people trying to change their clothes all while driving. These are the State Police's top distracted driving activities:

● Texting

● Eating and drinking

● Talking to passengers

● Grooming

● Reading, including maps

● Using a navigation system

● Watching a video

● Changing the radio station, CD or MP3 player

In the joint national study, the top list of distracted driving activities also includes:

● Using an electric razor, applying makeup and other hygiene-related actions

● Pointing out funny billboards or pedestrians

● Smoking

● Daydreaming

For the first offense, Michigan motorists are fined $100. Subsequent offenses cost $200. The U.S. Government says almost half a million people were injured by distracted drivers in 2014. Over 3,000 died.

Other than protect yourself, what do you do when you see a distracted driver? Distract yourself by trying to take a picture?