I was very moved by this. I know not everyone will understand or relate to it. I am a cat man. We live on a road where my dog Cocoa was hit and killed when I was 5. It was 36 years ago but it is a sting you really never get over. I have many dogs in my life. My sisters dog Copper and my buddy Tim's dog Charlie. We are tight but I still am not ready to get a dog. I like my cats.

I also have post traumatic stress disorder from an electric accident. Another friend, Mike has a PTSD service dog to help control his PTSD outbursts. I have fortunately have never seen Maggie in action. I have never seen a service dog in action. Until now.

“Please no negative comments this really happened and it's not easy to open myself and share what it's like on a daily basis.” Danielle Jacobs asked and I ask too. It took courage to open herself up like this.

For more info on service dogs click here. Stiggys Dogs is where my friend Mike got his dog. It could save your life.

I use a DNA stress ball for my PTSD triggers. My PTSD is like a cold compared to what our soldiers have experienced. Seeing this dog in action is concrete proof, Man's Best Friend is more than a saying. Click here for the full story about the video. I just have discovered Asperger's Syndrome. Click here to see what the Web MD says.

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