The Rock 'n' Roll world was rocked by the news of Glenn Frey's passing Monday at the age of 67. Fans and musicians alike are mourning the loss of one of the all-time musical greats, including a fellow Motor City music legend.

Bob Seger opened up to the Detroit Free Press about his "baby brother". Seger spoke in length about their decades long friendship, Frey as a family guy, and all around lover of music. Seger talked about the early days of their careers. He spoke of Frey's commitment to his family, his love for soul music, and how they intertwined in Frey's life. For instance, Frey named his youngest son Otis after Otis Redding, one of his all time favorite musicians.

But, Seger also shone light onto the health struggles Frey had been battling for months. Seger told the Free Press that he first heard of Frey's November hospitalization during a phone call from Don Henley. Seger said that Frey had been hospitalized since November and had been put into multiple medically induced comas. Each time he was brought out of a coma, Frey was unable to breathe on his own. Seger explained that longtime Eagles manager Irving Azoff had eight of the top specialists working on Frey at Columbia University Medical Center. According to Seger, it was about a month ago that doctors "had to throw up their hands", knowing they had done everything they could to keep Glenn Frey alive.

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