From ABC: The Butler County Sheriff's Office in Ohio posted a Facebook alert Tuesday about 21-year-old Andrew Dale Marcum, who was wanted for a variety of charges ranging from domestic violence and assault to burglary and abduction. People started commenting on the search -- including Marcum himself, who added, "I ain't tripping half of them don't even know me," from his Facebook account -- making him the target of ridicule from scores of other users.

Even the sheriff's office replied to him, posting, "If you could stop by the Sheriff's Office, that'd be great." County Sheriff Richard K. Jones also tweeted a picture of a jail cell, saying, "Hey Andrew Marcum we've got your room ready..."

Marcum turned himself in later that very day, which brought more snark from sheriff's office. "Andrew Dale Marcum will be off Facebook temporarily, because there is no social media access in the Butler County Jail," the message read, posting his seemingly teary-eyed mugshot.

"Thanks to our Facebook and Twitter friends for helping turn up the heat."