Remember Zima? You can still get that in Japan. Remember Crystal Pepsi? That soft drink is poised for a comeback... Someone cue "Right Now" by Van Hagar. Click here to see that story.

Have you ever had an alcoholic Root Beer? You may soon. Click here for this new product. People say you can already find "Not Your Father's Root Beer" in Michigan. Meijer in Alma has had it and rumor has it it could soon be at Merindorf Meats. It packs a punch with 5.9 percent alcohol and the 6 pack could run you up to 12 bucks.

Also, we were told Horrocks also carries an alcohol infused root beer. Deb tried the "Not Your Father's Root Beer" and said it was delicious. She said "you couldn't taste the alcohol at all."

We also heard from Linda who said "the alcohol root beer is great for a root beer float." Get drunk while enjoying a your favorite treat. It reminds me of Seinfeld when George tried to bring food into the love making.

Sign me up for a sixer! No whiskey face needed.

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