In his press conference today, Ohio State Football Coach Urban Meyer may have given his opponent this week a little more fuel for their fire. According to an article by Mike Griffith at, Meyer clarified that Ohio State has one rival, referring to the University of Michigan, before addressing MSU as "a great team" that stands "in the way of a Big Ten championship." Meyer went further, saying that calling the MSU/OSU match up a rivalry "would diminish the rivalry that's been here for 100 years." The Buckeyes coach says that Saturday's game can be billed a great game without the rivalry tag.

I would imagine that this gives a little spark to the Spartans' locker room this week. After all, they spent decades dealing with an inferiority complex when it comes to U-of-M. Now that they've had the upper hand against Michigan, the "na-na-I-told-ya-so" mumbo jumbo seems a bit deflated after today's remarks. The coaches and players at MSU will have their chance to fire back at 8:00PM Saturday. My guess is the Spartan fan base will be the ones crying foul until then. After all, to them, the past means nothing, it's all about now. Apparently, not to the rest of the College Football world outside of Ingham County. Stick around for a decade, or four, Sparty...then let's chat.