Rule #1 when building a Gingerbread house: If you are going to buy a pre-made kit. Buy the one where the house is already put together. Trying to glue your house together with frosting can be frustrating. Plus, that means more frosting for decorating.

Courtesy of the Pants Stash

My 4 year-old niece Kailynn began chemotherapy on Wednesday night. She had a tougher time getting a room in the hospital than she did with her first treatment. Her second treatment, they allowed her to play in the kids room, while they administered chemotherapy. She has another treatment today and then she gets to come home. She will rest 3 weeks and then go back for another round. Hopefully, this will reduce the brain tumor so they can have it removed.

Courtesy of the Pants Stash

When we got to her house Sunday to do the Gingerbread house, I asked her if she liked my shirt. She said yes but I could tell she really liked my hat. My wife, Mrs. Pants bought the hat at the dollar store last year and dressed it up. Kailynn decided she had to draw a picture of me in the hat.


Kailynn's picture of her uncle Joe

Here is me with the picture of me.

How about that shirt? It was my first gingerbread house building and I will never forget it.

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