A lot of talk about bad guys in the NFL lately. Not enough talk about the good guys.

Last night on E:60 they featured a story on Calvin Johnson. Since they haven't made the video available to the public, I came up with some of the parts. The interview part starts 2:55 into the video.

In the video Calvin talks about NOT being the typical wide receiver DIVA. How his mother kept him grounded and WOULDN'T let him play football.

In the extended video E:60 hasn't made available yet, he discussed how he got homesick and didn't love Detroit right away. Also, how his mother helped negotiate the 130 million dollar deal he signed with Detroit. After he signed that huge deal, he didn't get fat. He went out and set the NFL record for receiving yards in a season. After he broke Jerry Rice's receiving yards mark, he ran the ball over to his father on the sidelines.

Calvin Johnson respects the women in his life and appreciates his family! A far cry from the valueless NFL we have heard so much about in these past weeks.

If you haven't seen enough MEGATRON, check out this Sports Science feature on the beast. Click here to see the video.

When he was a little boy Calvin drew pictures of himself playing in the NFL, those pictures became reality. In the E:60 story, they showed Calvin drawing again. This time, it was a picture of himself holding the Lombardi Trophy. (the Super Bowl trophy)

Long suffering Lions fans can only hope that picture becomes reality after 57 years with a championship.

Here is what NFL players had to say about Megatron when he was named #2 of the top 100 NFL players.

We are fortunate to have such a humble player, who may be the greatest player EVER at his position... Again. (Barry Sanders) This time, let's NOT blow it, Lions.

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