We were planning on burgers Monday night. Deb talked about her delicious burger at the Mayfair and I was ready for a good burger on the grill. We had bought tater tots but they are never as good as the high school cafeteria tots. I wanted a soul food sleep and taste of nostalgia. So, I added a bunch of bacon grease to my vegetable oil and went nuts in the Hippy Kitchen.

I called Chef Kurt and asked if it was possible to deep fry with just bacon grease. He said "YEAH!" Then sent me a recipe I will never forget. It was so good, I will share it with you. Make sure you use the yellow, sweet onions.

Chef has a way of making EVERYTHING gourmet. I wanted the onion rings to taste like they did when I was a kid. Problem is, there is no trans fat anymore. I took my bacon grease and infused it in my vegetable oil. I used 2 parts vegetable oil to 1 part bacon fat I had saved from cooking bacon. Chef then told me I needed Kosher salt, club soda and buttermilk.

From the Pants Stash

I found all of these items at Curtis Grocery in Fowlerville. You cut your onions up, soak them in buttermilk for 20-30 minutes. Dip them in flour. Then add them to your BEER BATTER MIX! Take two cups Drake's, a half cup of club soda and a 12 ounce Leinenkugel Summer Shandy. Mix up and get ready to fry!

Wait until they are golden brown and remove from your fryer. Sprinkle a generous dose of Kosher salt and enjoy! The crunch sound can be heard echoing around the room, as smiling faces enjoy these bad boys! They are so crunchy, so delicious. A real old school treat. I slept like a baby.

From the Mrs. Pants Stash

The best onion rings I ever had were made in my own kitchen with my own hands. Plus, you get a little kitchen high when you bring such joy to people. It's a beautiful thing!