As a true classic rocker, I love old school vinyl! I love the imperfections of the sound quality. The little nuances that give vinyl it's flair for that time gone by. Never bothered by the occasional click or pop, I am in constant search of great music. That being said, you have to sift through a lot crap, to find a gem. That means hundreds of copies Herb Alpert castoffs that have been donated from Grandma's estate. Even a pig has to go through mounds of s**t to find a truffle.

To explain what I mean, here are a couple of prime examples:











Somewhere out there, there are two people that forgot that they modeled for this and pray no one ever puts 2 and 2 together!












That being said, here is another example of such horror! Although she is now probably a grandmother with an aerobic LP cover to her credit. The world may never know.