On Saturday, thousands descended up Michigan's Capitol dressed in everything from tutu's to super hero attire, for the Color Run 5K. The run/walk to raise money for charity that sends is participants through checkpoints where they are doused with colored powders.

Had you not seen this for yourself, you would probably be wondering why people would be walking and driving around the area, covered from head to toe in blue, pink and yellow.  Although a for-profit company, Color Run works together with local charities and this time worked with "Kelligh's Cause."

All in all, I managed to not be trampled by the runners, dodge the walkers and stay free from any floating color.

You, too, can get in on some serious fun for a good cause at the Insane Inflatable 5K coming up August 1st at Hope Sports Complex on Aurelius Road in Lansing. Get all the details here!