I wasn't able to blog for a few days thanks to a computer glitch. Sunday, I got to visit my sweet niece Kailynn. She is recovering from brain surgery and was being very productive when I visited her. She was playing with Play-Doh making "cookies" for everyone. Pressing the dough with cookie cutters. I jumped right in and started flattening it out for her to cut it. Her grandma thought I was having as much fun as she was. Mrs. Pants felt left out so we made room for her too. When Mrs. Pants took over the rolling duties I began coloring in the new kitty coloring book we brought Kailynn. It was a 99 cent cheapo but it had kitties. So, I colored her this picture. I wasn't able to stay long but we had a fantastic visit.

Today Kailynn had to return to Mott Children's Hospital because her drainage tube got blocked and she had fluid on her brain. She will most likely go into surgery around 2:50 pm. This will be her 3rd surgery. The last 2 lasted over a combined 36 hours. This one shouldn't be so bad.

Kailynn has been diagnosed with Anaplastic Ependymoma, Grade III. She still has to go through chemotherapy to try to shrink the tumor. Whe may have more surgery after they attempt to shrink this nasty, aggressive brain tumor. We are having a benefit Sunday at Ellie's Country Kitchen in Williamston from 2-7 pm. You can get all the details on Facebook by clicking here. Ellie's is where the benefit dinner will be. My good friends Ben and Brian Stiffler are the owners of Ellie's and have also rented the Living Arts dance studio next door. That is where the prizes will be up for grabs. Including a lot of AWESOME items that have been donated by some very generous WMMQ listeners. 3 pair of Fleetwood Mac tickets. Luke Bryan concert tickets. Coins, collectible cars, Gift certificates to Brent's Pizza. Old school cameras and much more including CD's and a Taylor Swift RED bag. Most of the items will be handed out between 6 and 7 pm.

If you can't make the benefit and would like to donate by gofundme.com click here. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. It has been a beautiful thing to witness in a disastrous situation. Having gone through a tragic situation like this before, I can tell you, NOTHING means more to someone than knowing there are people out there who care. I have been very moved by the generosity of my friends and appreciate it very much. If you want to donate by check, make them out to Kickin it for Kailynn and you can mail them to me, Joey Pants at 3420 Pine Tree Rd. Lansing MI 48911. I will make sure it gets in the right hands. I will not profit one cent from this.

Here is what's on the menu Sunday.

Swiss steak with mashed potatoes, vegetable, tossed salad or a cup of soup and texas toast $ 8.50
Spaghetti with meat or meatless sauce, vegetable, tossed salad or cup of soup and garlic toast $ 8.50

Kids will have a choice of:

Chicken nuggets with French fries and applesauce $ 4.25
Macaroni and cheese with a vegetable and applesauce $ 4.25

Get up with Deb and Joey weekdays 6-10 am. Find Joey on Facebook here. Find the Prayers for Kailynn Facebook page here.