I haven't gone on a Go Blue soapbox in quite a while, mainly, at the order of authority at Townsquare Media - Lansing. But, this is too good to go unaddressed. I hate to say I told ya so, Sparty. But, I told ya so!! You are obsessed with the University of Michigan. You are jealous of the worldwide attention and exposure that Michigan receives (especially since the Mighty Harbaugh landed in A-Squared). You have an inferiority complex...small phallus syndrome if you will. I have told you this for the better part of 35 years. And, now I have some support for my prophecy!

The Post Game website today released their list of 10 College Football Fan Bases Most Obsessed With Their Rival. And...guess who's number one? The biggest haters in all of the land are: Michigan State Fans.

It's funny. Funny that MSU fans continue to deny their syndrome of shortcomings. It's funny that a national web publication has given Sparty the not-so-distinguishable top slot in the list of obsessed whiners, even in the "Golden Era" of MSU sports where the basketball team has won five straight games over Michigan, and the football team has won seven of the last eight "rivalry" football games. Rivalry is in quotes, because, Sparty, you know Ohio State is, and always will be the main rival!

Oh, and speaking of the hairless nuts...err...Buckeyes, they come in at number 10 on the gynecological sand list...because of their obsession with none other than...Michigan.

Haters gonna hate, because tradition trumps hype!