Note: For the curling critics out there, "Yes!" I am aware that my form is incorrect. HAHA!
With the 2014 Olympics in full swing, the world proves that curling is not just for Canadians anymore.

Before the advent of cable, we as kids were stuck with about 6 channels that out television could pick up. One of the six was CBC Channel 9 out of Windsor, Ontario.

The occasional Sunday morning was spent watching curling. I'm not sure if it speaks for much but, there was something comical about watching smartly dressed team members in polyester sans a belt pants, with matching shirts that had the ring and zipper in the neckline.

What was really fun was watching how serious they all were. Focused on getting the stone into the rings with marksman like precision. All the while, the worker bees of the group, slapping the ice with brooms that cleaned the path for the rock to make it's connection and not the opponents stone out of any contention for points.

Sadly, today's uniforms are made of a more comfortable material and the brooms have been replaced by scrub-like brushes, that make almost no sound at all. Looking back, I guess the seventies fashions, were lacking just a little.