I don't believe everything I hear or see. I tend to put most of my faith in the good I have seen done and belief in the people who act out those deeds. I think, for the most part we all try to do good or at least our interpretation of it. Some people are just dicks.

I get really angry when I drive. My wife always tells me, "it's no fun to ride with you anymore." She has even said, "you bring all this on yourself." She may have tried to explain this to me but I was too angry at idiot drivers to hear. I attracted that negativity to me. There are times I'm in the car mad about something and I even catch myself. "Am I really that pissed off that car didn't use their blinker?" Or my favorite, "do I really need to keep calling that car every name in the book because they won't get out of the fast lane?" I always said "idiots!" To the point, I got sick of hearing myself say the word. (Louis C.K. has a bit on this and it's really dirty and funny but it has little to do with the big picture. Click here to see the NOT SAFE FOR WORK hilarity)

This year, I am trying to change that without the help of professionals ;)

I have watched a lot of PBS documentaries lately. I am addicted. It started with the Unites States of Secrets, which EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD WATCH. Somehow, watching all of this AMAZING PBS work on Netflix, I stumbled on to the documentary for "The Secret." It is NOT A PBS joint.

"The Secret" is a book and the documentary explains the book. I didn't even get halfway through "The Secret" before I had to leave for a basketball game. I had time to absorb the main point. I won't blow the whole thing open but the gist is, they talk about the law of attraction and how we are like magnets. We attract all the positive and negative things in this world to us. I didn't think much of it other than this is pretty much what Mrs. Pants says about me when I am driving. We went to the game and I saw how my own negativity towards the officials impacted the energy of the gym. I always thought I was being funny. Last night, I saw for the first time what an a--hole I was there too. My attitude will change at future sporting events, no matter how blind the officials are.

Before I left today, I lifted 10 bucks from Mrs. Pants wallet. I told her "10 bucks fell out of your wallet and it's stuck in my pants." She had more and it was no big deal. On the way in to work today, I thought again about how I was attracting my own demons. There was a slow moving car front of me as we pulled up to a semi and my first thought was, he's going to cut me off. Then I thought, "why am I asking for that?" I want to go by. I thought about cruising by and I did. The rest of the way in to work, I was thinking about money and how to make more. All the way in for the 20 minute drive. I had no issues with traffic and when I got to work I checked my email, like always. It turns out, a commercial I produced got picked up and I was going to be paid very well for it. What an awesome surprise! Right when I really have a use for it.

So, I will finish "The Secret" today and don't believe this happened just because I watched it or read it. It could all be just a neat coincidence. Will everything in my life go right now just because I will allow the positive thoughts to be heard? I guess we'll find out.

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