I love me a good meltdown. I just watched the documentary for Winnebago Man yesterday. I find something comforting about someone else losing their mind and exorcising themselves of the negativity. Especially when there is profanity involved. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. MAJOR PROFANITY. TURN DOWN THE VOLUME.

Click here to see the Winnebago Man meltdown video.

Crazy enough, the day after seeing this, Dennis Quaid has another rant caught on camera. Again, profanity warning. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Click here to see the full story from tmz.com.

There is just something about someone being unprofessional, screaming at someone to be more professional. Isn't it ironic? My favorite parts are the "I am a pro" line.

"...and this F_____G BABY!"

Enjoy your day and don't sweat the small s__t!

This HAS to be a prank or hoax.

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