Don't you love going on a road trip with your lady? The only thing worse than having her as a co-pilot, is when she is driving. My wife constantly gives me instruction at the last second. Tell me to take a right as we are going by the right. It's amazing we are still alive. You have to login to Facebook to see this video. Problems? Click here.

It's always an adventure when you've got a woman in the passenger seat of your car :)

Posted by Story of This Life on Monday, October 5, 2015


One time, we were up north driving back to our campsite. I saw the speed limit was 55. My wife looked at the GPS and it said the speed limit was 45. She is yelling at me to slow down, so I do. About 3 minutes later I hit a deer and totalled the car.

I don't blame her... I imply blame but don't come out and say it.

I would have smothered the chick for telling me how to park, though. Even Mrs. Pants isn't that big of a control freak. Ride with caution... They are trying to kill us, guys.

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