July 17 - August 9
Crosswalk Teen Center
103 W. Lawrence Ave., Charlotte, MI 48813 United States

Additional Information

Crosswalk is an afterschool teen center that focuses on providing teens with positive activities in four areas:  Educational Support, Community Connection, Everyday Life Skills, and Expressive Arts.  But during non-teen hours Crosswalk will be offering two Quest Camps for students entering 5th-7th grades.  Each camp will be held from 9:00am – 12:00pm and run Monday - Wednesday for 2 consecutive weeks, a 6-day experience where students get excited about creating and making within the Quest Camp topics.  Students may attend all 6 days of the camp or just a 3 day section.

The two camps are:

  • Art Quest Camp, July 17-19, 24-26, will focus on drawing, painting, clay handwork, clay pottery wheel, photography, and mixed media art.  Our goal is to introduce new art media and techniques that the students can explore and develop.
  • Tech Quest Camp, July 31-August 2, 7-9, will focus on exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities, focusing on how things work and what can be created.  Teams will work together to explore a project problem and then design a solution to the problem.  We will explore electrical circuits, elementary electronics, light (LED) circuits, and mechanical motion.

Both of these Quest Camps focus on making and are designed to encourage students to develop their own ideas, to experiment, and to innovate.  Crosswalk has four goals in these sessions: 1. Get students to identify themselves as creators or makers. 2. Develop confidence in creative expression. 3. Acquire technical tools/skills. 4. Learn to collaborate and network with other to reach the project solution.  While many focus on the measurable skills of math and engineering and fail to realize that similar processes are used in the creation of the fine arts, we approach both STEM and the arts with the same 4 goals.

Interested students should register at http://crosswalkteencenter.org/index.php/events.  The Quest Camp cost $15.00 and include a t-shirt and daily snack.  Space is limited.  If you have any questions, contact Rick Todd at either (248) 987-8336 or by email at rickt@crosswalkteencenter.org.

General info regarding Crosswalk Teen Center:

Crosswalk is a 501c3, non-profit organization is located at 103 W Lawrence Ave, on the corner of Cochran and Lawrence Avenue in the center of Charlotte, Michigan.

The vision of the Crosswalk Teen Center is to provide a safe, enjoyable environment where teenagers can engage in beneficial education, and leisure-time activities. The Crosswalk Teen Center strives to develop and empower diverse teen leaders who will enrich the community.

The mission of Crosswalk Teen Center is to provide an afterschool program that teens can participate in free activities that focus on educational opportunities, everyday life, community connections, and expressive art to support and encourage teens between school and home.

Learn more about Crosswalk Teen Center and there activities by following them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CrosswalkTeenCenter.