Last week the Michigan DNR sent out a press release confirming details of evidence linked to a Gray Wolf in Emmet County. The first of it's kind since 1910! The big question is now, "how did it get here?" I am not alone with my theory of it crossing the frozen waters of one of the Great Lakes that creates an ice bridge in the frigid months of the winter. Entirely possible given the amount of ice and cold temperatures that we have had in recent years. What has been ruled out is that this is an escaped captive or pet. The DNA is closely linked to that of genetic testing done from a group of wolves from Ontario. Whatever the case and however it got here, the watch will be on to see if anymore have found there way to Michigan's Lower Peninsula. And if it has, do you think they will take up residence with all of the coyotes that have been rumored to be invading Detroit? Watch and listen! "HOOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLL!"

You can see the article here: DNR Press Release