On occasion I like to post some of my findings for sale on the popular free site known as craigs list. I also like to see what someone might be giving away. You never know when you might find a little gem that you can make or buck or two on. Useful items like shopping carts and free wood pallets can also be found in the free section. Click here for the craigslist link for free carp.


In a recent search in the Detroit-Metro free listings, I think I have found the mother of all free items! FREE CARP FOR FERTILIZER! The part that sold me was the skill used to acquire the various species, that the person posting the pictures used. Photos with fish taken with a bow!

For those who might be questioning the whole thing, carp and other large scale fish, are commonly used as fertilizer. They will be taken by the truckload after tournaments and converted for later use. No waste, just putting some good use to a species that is non native to our waters and that most folks just won't eat. If you chose to eat them, here's a tip: Remove the mud line and they are great canned!

Click here to learn more about bowfishing in Michigan.