I have to admit, I knew most of these. Rush is made up of some talented, awesome guys. In the movie "I Love You, Man" Rush is featured. In the movie, they go to a Rush concert. It wasn't a real concert but according to sources, when shooting was completed, Rush performed for the actors, crew and movie folks. Can you imagine your own personal Rush show? Geddy's real name is Gary, his mom had a thick Polish accent so Gary came out like Getty. I can't believe they didn't mention Trailer Park Boys. The YYZ fact BLEW MY MIND!

Tickets are still available for the Rush R40 Live Tour at the Palace of Auburn Hills Sunday June 14th - the guys say this will be their last tour of this magnitude and you KNOW you want to be there!

Here are the 8 facts ALL RUSH FANS SHOULD KNOW! The Last one is hilarious!

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