The relationship between a son and a dad can be difficult at times. Sports has brought my dad and I together. We found common ground watching high school basketball together after years of not speaking to each other.

I never know what to get my dad for Father's Day. About 10 years ago, I decided manual labor would be the best gift. Seeing that you instilled a strong work ethic in your child would make any parent proud. It fills the dads with pride to see his kids bust their asses. We came from a farm where hard work is appreciated and acknowledged.

So, I cleaned pig pens, helped cut wood and helped load pigs and pen them. It's HARD work. It tickles my dad to see his kids working hard for him. I discovered years ago, nothing helped my depression more than helping my parents. My sister taught me this.

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My favorite gifts for dad are 1) Manual labor. 2) Anything MSU related. 3) Take him out for a nice meal. Dads are not hard to please. Have a happy Father's Day and make some memories.

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