Well, I know I'm growing very impatient waiting for some warmer weather. And it appears that we're due for another blast from O.M.W. this weekend.

The "You're from Michigan, you should be used to it," line wore out after the 25th consecutive day below freezing. (That would be sometime in Late January.)

And, as we see small glimpses of hope delivered to the thermometer, it apparently is nothing but a tease, according to these stories...

MLive.com labels it the Michigan weather roller coaster...

slate.com says the "Rex Block" is to blame, and we won't be alone in the misery

For real...what the hell happened to the good ol' El Nino bringing mild-ish winters?

You have to be sick of it, too, aren't you? I mean, it's 12 days from opening day, for crying out loud!!