Photo courtesy of Jesse Fink/Tom Weschler

The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC

A new book is on the way from Australian author, Jesse Fink. The story of brothers Angus, Malcom and George Young.

What? You say you have never heard of George Young? Well, that may be so, but I can almost guarantee that you have heard his music. Older brother of Angus and Malcom Young, the founding guitar playing brothers behind the band AC/DC, first hit the music scene with his band 'The Easybeats' and the song "Friday On My Mind."

The new book that chronicles the brothers collaborative work to form one of the most prolific rock bands in history, will hit the shelves later this summer. Some great photography from Michigan's own Tom Weschler will also be featured. This is guaranteed to be the book that answers the question, "Who Made Who?" 

I have had some great conversations (via Facebook) with both Tom and Jesse and cannot wait to read more about one of my all time favorite bands. I will hopefully be doing interviews with both gentlemen as well.

So "Happy Birthday" to one of my heroes of Rock & Roll.....Angus Young!