Michigan has had some crushing losses in their history. Remember Michael Westbrook?

That one hurt but losing to MSU hurts even more. Remember when Desmond Howard dropped that TD that he CLEARLY wasn't interfered with? It happens 5:20 into this video.

Then of course, in 2001. I thought I would take a second to remind you.

My favorite Spartan win and Michigan heartbreak was in 2009, when Larry Caper, the Michigan HEARTBREAKER scored in OT. I was in the press box at Spartan Stadium. It happens 1 minute into the video.

But the play on Saturday has been voted the WORST PLAY IN SPORTS HISTORY! USA Today writer MIke Foss said it was worse than Bill Buckner's error in the '86 world series. Click here to read about it. Let's watch the play again. It warms my heart knowing MSU is responsible for breaking Michigan's heart 4 major times.

The result:

And Desmond Howard says we aren't their true rival. I wonder how he felt after he made the thumbs up? I can only imagine.

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