Apparently, gangs are not relegated to urban areas. According to WLNS and WHMI, Livingston County law enforcement officials are warning its residents about a new crime the form of an organized gang.

The "Felony Lane Gang" reportedly has moved in from big cities andf sometimes other states to recruit members and commit crimes. The stories both say that this particular gang targets high traffic areas: daycare centers, gas stations, stores, and sporting events. They like to break into cars not only for obvious valuables, but credit cards, checkbooks, and identification as well. The disturbing part about this is the fact that gang members have taken stolen ID's and banking tools to drive-up windows that are tagged "felony lane", and rob people blind with a bank official unknowingly assisting. So, what good is ID if the teller can't see you?

There is no word on whether the gang likes to target the meth and heroin laden lane from Fowlerville, to Gregory, and onto Pinckney. Or, if they like to target the modern suburbia lands of Howell, Hartland, and Brighton. Or, if they like to hit the meth laden rural home of Michigan's KKK presence in Cohoctah and Oak Grove.

My only question is: Do they consider themselves Juggalos? Every other "rural gang" in Michigan does...