Your tires, are your tires getting soft? I'm a freak about my tires being low, getting rotated, etc, especially when the weather is going to get ugly or I'm going on a road-trip.  So today, like every other freak does when the forecast calls for sloppy, slushy yuk on the roads, I headed for Discount Tire (free plug - you're welcome).  I love that they check your air pressure for free and you don't even have to get out of your vehicle -- awesome!  All my tires were a little low -- with the extreme cold and crashing through road craters, of course they would be - even though I just had them balanced and rotated last month.  I noticed the improvement as I drove away this afternoon -- and I could really tell they were gripping better when the snow started to fall around 5:30 today!

Next - the dreaded shovel.  Again.