Well, let's see if Lansing Area gas stations take this as an added opportunity to hike up (gouge) gas prices leading into the Memorial Day weekend. Governor Rick Snyder issued a State of Energy Emergency today, allowing drivers of petroleum trucks to exceed daily mileage and hour limitations, in effort to provide the Upper Peninsula with gasoline.

The emergency was issued as the West Shore Pipeline in Wisconsin remains shut down for maintenance, cutting off the Green Bay, WI refinery that provides most of the gasoline in the U.P. Also, an unplanned outage at a Marathon refinery, specifically defined as the Detroit Marathon refinery by an e-mail, led to Snyder's decision.

On the surface, it seems that the public may notice a few more tankers on Michigan roadways in the coming days. But, let's not put it past the petroleum companies to use this as an excuse to jack up prices even higher as one of the summer's most heavily travelled weekends approaches.

Link to full Executive Order for the energy emergency