I loved this car since I was a little brat. Even before "Back to the Future" I was in love with the futuristic look of the DeLorean. Now, it's coming back in limited quantities for mega bucks. Click here to get the full story.

A Texas company is going to make about 300 and try to keep the price under a hundred grand. They haven't made them since the early 80's, when John DeLorean was financing his company with cocaine. It would be funny if they said "every car comes with a free kilo" to honor the history of the car.

I thought for sure they would have made them when "Back to the Future" was popular. I have no doubt they will sell. The animated show American Dad did an entire episode on the car called "A DeLorean Story." The premise was Stan was traveling all across the USA buying DeLorean parts to piece together his car. He spent nearly 500 grand. People actually do this. Now, they won't have to.

There are about 6,500 original DeLoreans left. Early 2017 you can grab a new one and leave all the kids in your neighborhood with their mouths open.