The rumors have been swirling for months about a Guns 'N' Roses tour that would reunite Axl Rose and Slash for the first time since 1994. Innuendo and speculations have been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media. All that had been confirmed are 6 shows in April: two at Coachella Music Festival, two in Las Vegas, and two in Mexico City.

But, today, in typical GNR fashion, a little more certainty about the plans have been revealed. A post on the band's Twitter feed shows a short video, fittingly featuring "Patience", and a list of 21 cities. And, damn right, Detroit is on the list!!

But, here is the typical teasing and waiting fashion portion: no dates, venues, or ticket information has been revealed. Neither has the band roster. Steven Adler has changed some plans, according to Ultimate Classic Rock, furthering speculation about his involvement. And, earlier this week, rumors started to emerge about Axl Rose possibly being named as Brian Johnson's replacement as front man for AC/DC for the remainder of their tour. Ultimate Classic Rock was one of the first to relay that information.

Either Axl Rose is going to be the busiest he's been in his career, or we've been completely fooled by one of the biggest rock and roll publicity stints in recent memory.