In years past, almost every seat that surrounded the tracks on race day were full. Full of screaming fans, cheering on their favorite driver and jeering those whom they despised.

Today when the cameras pan  the track, many seats are empty. They make sure the angles do not reflect the ghost town that become even the likes of Daytona International Speedway.

Yesterday I was in North Carolina with my girlfriend and we decided to stop in and see the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Downtown Charlotte. Sadly, on top of being expensive to enter, they pushed "packages" and "photo opportunities" for sale. Every dollar to enhance your overall experience. That of course is after you were forced to watch the 10 minute movie before you entered the actual museum portion. You would think that with all of the memorabilia and items of the great drivers that made the sport so grand, they would have had more to display. In a word, it was "disappointing."

I know I am not the biggest fan in the world, but for 20 bucks, a little more to see a little more would have been nice. Then again, that brings me back to the title of this blog. - Duran Martinez

"As if it were only yesterday, watching the DAYTONA 500 in 2001, seeing the accident, and hearing the news of Dale Earnhardts passing. I sincerely do not think that NASCAR has ever regained it's fan base or it's former glory."