One of our WMMQ friends asked me to share with you all the story of Victor Pennell of Eaton Rapids. Pennell opened up his bait shop, "Big Daddies Bait and Tackle" last year in Eaton Rapids.

Pennell, an ex-convict, apparently did a lot of fishing in Eaton Rapids himself when he was a kid, before he reportedly became known for being a trouble-maker and drug addict. His father is the one who introduced him to meth. Yea. You can get more details here on what  finally inspired Pennell to clean up his life.

Here's the deal: Pennell doesn't just sell bait and tackle. He helps the kids who come to his shop in a variety of way. Sometimes that means giving away free product.

With the cool summer weather and the storm this past summer that left many parts of Eaton Rapids without power, including his shop for a week, the shop is in trouble and threatens to close.

The Lansing State Journal reports that community there has rallied and is trying to raise some money to keep it open, as well as change it from a business to a charity, in light of the outreach to the youth in Eaton Rapids. You can help - there will be a bonfire and auction this Saturday. Get the details here. Maybe you have something to donate for the auction or maybe you can spare a $20.