Like pulling the thread on a sweater, which never seems to end, so goes home improvement.  Actually, before I get to that - the thread/sweater business reminds me of the story of a co-worker who was driving  to an event when she pulled a thread from the inseam of her pants...which led to the entire unraveling of the inseam....not a good idea to show up at an 'appearance' without pants or some covering of the lower-body (that costs a LOT extra).  She stopped at a department store to quickly buy pants - and of course, ran into a business acquaintance before actually getting to the pants selection and purchase.

Anyway, threads, sweaters - home improvement; in the year and a half since moving into our new home, a mildew smell began 'developing' in the half bath next to the garage...and developing....I finally complained enough about it and 'wondered aloud' what it might be, prompting My Honey to rip up the floor in the bathroom.  Turns out -- leaky valve!  Good sleuthing.  That, of course, led to a new floor in the bathroom and hallway -- and since we're doing that we should paint those rooms...and the kitchen.  During the I-forget-how-many-months process, we had several paint-related incidents with sweet Gigi, the kitten adopted from the Capital Area Humane Society back in June.  The first was the curious kitty landing all fours into the paint tray - bath one.  She next backed into freshly painted trim as she was trying to dive into a wastebasket - bath two, which came after I followed her through the house as she was covered in wet paint, trying to keep her from realizing I was chasing her - first she headed for the couch, changed her mind, then started heading for the bed before I nabbed her.  And as I was finishing up the last bit of painting one evening, I was thinking, 'wow, the cats haven't been anywhere near the action - I'll be done in just seconds'...and she came running by -- I tried to head her off -- no luck.  Bath three.  There was no bath from this one, because I made the foolish mistake of painting the kitchen window sill and leaving, to find this upon my return.