How Far Would You Travel For A Great Burger?

One of my favorite things to do in life, is the unplanned road trip. Just get in the car and go! Some of the best trips have led me to some of the best food in Michigan.

On one particular day about a year and a half ago, I stumbled upon a place in Hudson, MI by the name of Rumors. An older building in the downtown area that really didn't stand out from the rest of the buildings. Walking in, it looked quite nice and the beer selection was filled with Michigan craft beers and not the run of the mill "usual's."

Liking a good burger, I ordered the $7.00 Barbecue Bacon Burger with a side of chips. To my amazement, a towering heap of local goodness was placed in front of me. The server went on to explain that the beef was from the local butcher shop, the pretzel buns were fresh daily from the local bakery and the chips were home made. Furthermore, the two giant onion rings that adorned the burger were also hand dipped! All of this for seven bucks!

Other favorites that I have enjoyed since many returns have been the pulled pork nachos, oysters so fresh they should be twice the price and some Michigan spirits as well. As not to wax poetic on the subject, I'll just say, this is truly my favorite southern Michigan food spot!