Another 'intention/resolution' for 2014 is that I will listen when it's 'suggested' that I not stab the avocado pit with a paring knife - or other such brilliant tricks. My Honey, who knows his way around the kitchen, had gently suggested to me a couple of times that I stop stabbing at the pit with a knife to remove it from the avocado half, but I never wanted to get another knife dirty.  Because it takes SOOO long to clean a knife.  He eventually stopped saying anything, he'd just cringe and look away when I'd stab away at the pit.

He came home one summer afternoon to find me wandering around on the phone talking to a girlfriend, saying, "I don't know if it needs stitches -- it doesn't hurt, but it was pretty deep and won't stop bleeding..."  He just mouthed, 'Avocado...?' while I debated my next course of action with my friend, who is not a doctor.  Yeah, avocado.

I eventually went to Urgent Care in Frandor -- they did a fantastic job of sewing up my finger with five stitches.  Hardly even a scar!

Photo by Deb Hart