I read a story today that hits near and dear to my heart. Workers at Auburn University's Jordan-Hare Stadium found cremated remains spread across the stadium's turf

while cleaning up after Saturday's exciting Iron Bowl. Nobody likes to think about the truth of mortality, but it's a topic I have thought long and hard about since I was a teenager. And, it's nice to know that there are other individuals in the world as infatuated with their favorite football team as I am. Yes, that's right, spread me across the 50-yard line of The Big House!!! I've been told by friends and family alike that that is an obsurd request. Well, as the great Lee Corso says, "NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND!!!"

According to the story I read, this is a common occurence at Auburn, and I imagine many other colleges with prominent football programs. (Which, leads me to believe Spartan Stadium is likely ash-free!! ;-) Then, I got to thinking about how this individual's family (if it actually is an individual) must have felt so great about laying their loved one in their final resting place coming off of such a great win for the home team. After all, the Alabama-Auburn rivalry runs so deep, a Bama fan actually poisoned oak trees at Toomer's Corner, the area Auburn fans traditionally congregate prior to the Iron Bowl each year. Once upon a time, those poisoned trees were toilet papered by Auburn fans, until Harvey Updyke killed them. (Updyke says he'd do it again, too, even after 76 days in jail, and $800,000.00 in restitution.) I'd say that action trumps painting a SILLY statue any day of the week. But, it does show the passion the Auburn and Alabama fans have for their respected teams, and makes me wonder why my request of a final resting spot is so obsurd (outside of the obvious trespassing charge one would have to risk..;-)

In summary Go Blue!! For life and eternity!!!