Jim Schwartz Fired!

Another NFL coach has been put on the firing line and this time (MLive Reports) that it is Jim Schwartz of the Detroit Lions. WIth an overall record of 29 -51, one could have seen this coming blindfolded. The real question is, "is it the complete fault of the coaching staff, or ownership?" This die hard fan of the downtrodden team says "it's the ownership!" If you've ever seen the movie Slapshot, you know the scenario. Rich owner has a lousy team. They could seel the team and it's good players, but they refuse. Is it because the sale would not be profitable enough, or is it that they like the tax write off? I think we have suffered enough! We have put up with the likes of Marty "What's his wig," Matt Millen and Darryl Rodgers. And those are the ones that I can remember. With players like Barry Sanders, it's no wonder Wayne Fontes had a good run. Please Ford family. For the love of all things football, don't let us be the Chicago Cubs of the NFL. SELL THE LIONS!!!