I have long hair. This drives my dad crazy. Last week, we were watching the Western game together and my dad was talking to my brother in law. I guess he forgot I was in the room. "I don't know why Riley doesn't have short hair like his brother! Jon Reschke and Chris Frey all have long hair! They look like a rock band!"

I thought of Grandpa Simpson, "Johnny Unitas, now that is a haircut you can set your watch to."

I think they look pretty awesome. Riley had a great game against Western with 3 sacks. This weekend, he was a key cog in a goal line stand that propelled MSU to a 31-28 win over Oregon. To me, he was the MVP of the defense in the biggest win at Spartan Stadium of my lifetime.

I asked those around me what they thought about him at the game and all those around me thought whatever this kid needs to gain an edge, take it. He is adding to the Bullough family legacy here at MSU. His younger brother Byron is one of his backups at middle linebacker. His older brother Max is on the Houston Texans practice squad. His dad and uncle played here. When it's all said and done, I believe Riley will be the best of the bunch. I think he has about the same ability of Max but his supporting cast is much better. They are different players. Max was a bit bigger, Riley is a bit faster. Both have left huge shoes and some high expectations for Byron and all the future Bullough's who will play at MSU.

Don't cut your hair, Riley... Remember what happened to Sampson?

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