I really regretted not seeing any "Steppin' in It" shows once I heard Joshua Davis perform on the voice. The dude was my favorite, so I follow him on the Facebook. You can too by clicking here if you have a Facebook.

Joshua rapped with Mlive about his show at Interlochen on August 13th. Click here to see that.

I still believe the 37 year-old was the best voice on the Voice but he ended up finishing third. He started out with Blake Shelton and finished with Adam Levine. He was so good, he actually got me to watch a show I would never watch.

On Facebook, Joshua posted this picture and said it was "a beautiful day in the mitten" with more concert news coming soon.

Courtesy of the Joshua Davis Facebook page

Joshua has over 1 million youtube views with this tune "I Shall Be Released."

I won't miss an opportunity to see him again.

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