Journalist Patrick George, along with some other select media members, was invited to the unveiling of the 2016 Chevy Camaro on Belle Isle this past Sunday.

George was allowed to drive the Belle Isle Grand Prix course. He bumped into a wall. Knocked the mirror off, scraped up a wheel, mashed a quarter panel into a tire. He was promptly asked to leave the media event. Sounds like they might have been a little unhappy with Mr. George before he even showed up Sunday. Get the details here from Jalopnik for that part. You can also see some pics there of the fender bender.

Our friend Tim Hoffman says he's driven that track and 'damn near did the same thing' with his own car, which wasn't a half million dollar prototype like the Camaro.

BTW, I will be broadcasting live Saturday May 30th at LGR on Townsend in downtown Lansing from 11AM to 1PM, during Be A Tourist in Your Own Town. You can test drive the newest General Motors vehicles, including the new Chevrolet Camaro (!), the GMC Canyon, Cadillac Escalade, Lansing-built Cadillac ATS, crossovers and more.

There will also be live music and fun for the family at GM's Ride and Drive Extravaganza, which goes from 11AM to 3PM.